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Ode to the Angels

An Offering and Tribute to the Special Relationship of
Silvana Cusack and Melanie Ryan

Child Angels/Embracing

Oh hear the angel's voices;
See them fluttering around us.
Mere mortals rejoice to the sound of the celestial voices;
The goddess with eyes of pure love smiles upon us tonight.

As she flies down from above and envelops us in her arms;
Resting our heads against her shoulder;
Feeling the warmth penetrating our skin.

In rainbow colors she glows;
Angels bow around her and they cherish her beauty and grace;
Crowning us in all her glory, whispering to the angels to come near;
Blessing us with her heavenly essence and allowing us to take flight.

In pure love and trust all the angels surround us and taking your hand we fly to the heavens;
The goddess smiling at our childish ways always knowing that there is a precious time in the now;
Let's fly high honey pointing upwards to the skies.

Flying up high soaring about the soft milky clouds;
Stars reflecting in the tears of joy in our eyes;
Sounds of laughter all around as the angels carry us higher above.

In a symphony of love and pure heavenly joy we fly;
Let's fly higher than ever before, From here we can see our beloved;
They worry but know that our strong spirits will set us free.

Sending a fire of love down to the loved ones;
Our energies entwining creating a vortex in the sky;
Capturing all whom have taken our hearts and guiding them up towards us.

To this sacred space we have created where time now stands still;
In a sacred Link we will all remain the Goddess, the angels and all the ones that we love.

Blessed Be
Kindred Spirits..

*Hugs* Mamabear & Lady Maxi *Hugs*

Parcel: Labeled 'HANDLE WITH CARE'

The Parcel

I received a parcel from my best friend today;
In a white envelope but it seemed so bright;
She put it together with patience and sealed it with love.

I opened it and what did I find?
I found a book with rose petals and lots of love;
I found a book that reflected my heart;
I found stories of lover's embraces, angels and sadness too, but also inner peace.

I found a piece of my heart in every page;
I found a friend who believed in me so and who spent hours reading my thoughts;
A friend who paints my dreams on the wall so well; an artist in her own right.
I found my kindred spirit right on the next state;
And yes she is Victorian and that is just a okay.

Melanie, Melanie your scarlet hair shows;
Your passion and commitment and your love for us all;
Spirit sisters we are; like you say by Choice.
Blessed Be thy beauty and your heart;
My friend you are a Victorian and I would not change that at all.
We walk beside each other now and forever more.

*Hugs* Mamabear *Hugs*

Two Yellow Daiseys; Side-By-Side


Sisters that can stand together;
Never be separated by words or time;
Joined by love and loyalty.

Watching and looking for one another with love;
Feeling each other's pain, fears, tears and passions.
Rejoicing birth, successes;
Lifted to places were only angels reside.

Together we stand;
In good times and bad times together we stand;
Sisters joined by spirits, blood and love from above.

When one falls the other catches you;
When one cries the other wipes the tears away.
Sisters united by hearts and love;
Together we have strength;
Blessed Be my sisters.

*Hugs* Mamabear *Hugs*



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