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White Unicorn in Meadow of Flowers

Ode to the Unicorn

Majestic white mixed with pureness and light;
Oh beloved unicorn;
You touch me with your heart;
You touch me with your soul;
You make me want to embrace all things.
You make we want to love;
You make me want to cry and reach for the stars.

Hope and love is given freely;
Strength with gentleness all mixed into one;
Perpetual love covered with dreams of distant times;
This world is a better place because of the unicorn's love.

Magick dreams the unicorn bestows upon our mortal souls;
Oh beloved unicorn,
You touch me with your heart;
You touch me with your soul;
Mystical love opens the doors to the dreamtime and the windows to the world.
How I love the unicorn;
Majestic white mixed with pureness and light.

Upon a field of flowers he roams;
Nature touches him and the deep oceans embrace him;
By the light of the blue moon he travels the worlds where he needs to be.
Oh beloved unicorn,
You touch me with your heart;
You touch me with your soul;
Forbidden love our hearts did find;
But never changes that you touch me with your heart and with your soul.

Cascading Waterfall

Water Fall Gully

It was in a full moon night that we met in WaterFall Gully.
You came from your end of the universe I came from mine.
You crossed oceans to meet me.
I cross the hills to meet you.

The walk was peaceful;
The soft green grass beneath my feet;
The trees whispering of magical things to come;
Fairies guided me to the fall and lit my path.

The moon smiled upon me;
Dew kissed the leaves of the trees around me like crystals shinning in the night.
My heart beating fast, my feet were bare; I felt the soft warm earth greeting me and blessing
every step towards you.
I could see a silver light in the distance;
I could hear the water running freely;
Closer, closer I approached you.

You were standing there so tall and so strong; an inner strength the gods bestow upon you.
You smiled and I saw that twinkle of light in your eyes the child smiling back at me with a wonderful inner glow.
We kissed and it was magic when your lips met mine.

The shimmer on the water..Oh what a rush; two hearts beat as one.
The moon and stars gazed upon us in such a loving way;
Oh beloved there was such sweet surrender between us;
Our minds met, our souls danced and all was beautiful then.

As the water flowed with magic so did our love appear gentle touch and warm embraces on that moon lit night.
Spirits gliding souls embracing in that spiral of love..higher, higher we fly..lets spread our wings and fly into our hearts delight.


Spring Night

In a spring night all was still; there was only you and me in the world.
We walked to the river hand in hand emotions stirred;
Soft rain drops touched us like tears from heaven;
The coolness and the peace of it all.
I looked at you and you smiled....our eyes met and our souls touched;
Oh how I cherish that time my love;
The minutes ever so precious when you are near.

By the side of the river we stood listening to the water, hearing our hearts beating;
You held me so close....I stood near;
Your gentle touch reached my soul and our spirits disappeared to a place where only lovers know.
As we lay down by the river that night the sky opened up and the moon and stars appeared to show;
For us....

Sounds of the waters and whispers of words of love;
We were both drifting...drifting so far. As we touched and felt all that the moment was meant to be;
Our spirits climbing the highest peaks of love.

Our lips touched and I could taste the sweetness of love;
I know that you will always be near.

Waters/Purple Mist

Purple Rain

In a carpet of grass I laid my body to rest;
The earth was warm the energies flowed like a river to a stream;
Embraced by her today I felt deep comfort.

Above me blue skies and a blanket of purple flower from the Jacaranda tree;
The Breeze was soft and it touched the flowers and made them dance in the most loving way;

I could hear birds chirping and children playing;
Nature played her music as if it was a symphony of life just playing for me.
Swaying to the breeze, the purple flowers danced and told secret stories of fairies and angels that visited them at night time.

Clouds drifted in that pale blue sky; painting pictures in the sky;
A strong wind came like if it summoned nature to stand still;
The flowers shaking in fear of losing each other; holding on tight.
The wind did not want to hurt anyone but just wanted to make all aware of its presence.

The wind grew stronger; more determined that he shall not be ignored by anyone present that day.
Flowers grew weaker and cried tears of desperation at the thought of losing each other;
They prayed to the Goddess to help.
A tiny voice said, "If we need to go, lets do it together; let us not be scared of the wind;
Let us face our destiny together.

In a silent moment they all let go.
The wind blew them away and it was like purple rain in the sky.
Never did I see such beauty being sacrificed by the wind.
A flower landed on my shoulder; she whispered to me;
"Please don't be sad m'lady for we sisters have lived a happy life and now its time to share the beauty with the world.
We will scatter to the four directions and carry the seed of life.
So you see m'lady, it's not the end but only new beginnings."

A tear fell as I heard her whisper;
How beautiful this life was because of that thought.
That most unselfish act gave us the gift of love.
So today I plant the seed of love and hope for us to have a brighter tomorrow;
Filled with love and joy and tears that will water the seed;
So it will grow to be a jacaranda tree once more.

Deep Orange Sunset

Message in a Bottle

Drifting out to sea is a bottle that holds a secret;
A secret of lover's embrace of loving thoughts and of pain;
Once long ago when there was a you and I; only love reigned in our hearts;
We used to talk, laugh and sing together so long ago.

Then one sad day you left my side;
You were lost at sea drifting aimlessly;
I cried many tears that joined you at sea, for you see, that was the only way to reach your side.

Tears flowed like rivers to the ocean;
The heart ached for your love and touch;
The skies have been gray for so long;
The raindrops are like fire for they carry memories of you and I.

It has been so hard to let go.
I tried for so long and memories of you and I haunt me.
I crave for your touch your gentle embrace;
I remember your smiles, your words that are imprinted in my heart and soul;
So many words remain unsaid, yet the tears flow to you my love.

So in my final plea to have your love;
I send to you a message in a bottle;
With the message of Love, "Dear Beloved I miss you so my darling;
Your words, your loving, I ache to have you near.
My candle burns for you darling, so you can find me one day;
My heart will not stop yearning for your tender embrace and your loving ways.
When you think of me, smile honey.
May the stars guide you back to me, my darling.
May the moon bless you always;
I'll be here waiting for you; with love now and forever."

So here's hope that the message makes it to you one day;
Silent wishes to the stars so far away;
The tears will flow to be close to you at sea,
Never really lost but just holding time in a bottle;
Till one day there will be a you and I once more.



My Heart Will Go Celine Dion