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Ritual Circle Under a Full Moon


With open hearts we opened the circle;
3 souls one heart;
We joined in our love for the goddess and love for one another;
To celebrate friendship, love and to ask for healing.

Candles burned and we were blinded with our vision of love;
Our hearts were flowing with love and the things to come;
Heavens opened up and the circle of love and magic began.
Purple lights engulfed us; touched our hearts and souls and protected us from harm.
Love was plentiful with an abundance like never before;
And it shielded us from harm.

Arc Angels in the Four Corners;
The elements penetrated our existence; Fire, Water, Air and Earth; symbolic to life.
We called upon her and she came;
O nce more she stood near to our hearts and souls; filled with unconditional love and peace.
Amongst the ocean of feelings I felt you beside me, within me and through me.

Gentle souls meet in perfect love and perfect trust;
Time was endless. We glowed in the darkness of night;
The circle of life began to draw us to the core of spiritual bliss;
Gddess welcomed us with opened arms.

Open hearts meet in perfect harmony and start to fly;
We reached new heights with love and peace;
Blessed Be Goddess for bringing us near, to join as one, from different worlds.
To join as one; hands clasped and the ever lasting link is made; never to be broken again.
The circle is open but never is it broken.

Clouds in a Sunset Sky

Blessing of Love

Upon a new day's dawn we approached;
A pocket full of dreams and hopes.
Candles flickering in the night;
Incense burning, spirit soaring;
The full moon blessing us all.
Goddesses mischievously giggled and blessed the four sisters;
We entered our circle with perfect love and perfect trust between us.

Spring was in the air that she brought upon us; With sweet scent of carnations and with beauty uncompared.
The goddess bestowed upon my East sister beauty and illumination; so it remains with her always.

As a summer breeze South came with her star like eyes, and an awesome smile and spirit.
The goddess blessed her with fire in her heart;
Colours of the rainbow around her with a beautiful white robe;
Stars as a hallo above her.
Her scarlet hair proved to be true to her nature;
Fire, fire her heart is on fire; and will fill her deepest desire.

The North came through like a magical winter;
With knowledge of love;
In a powdery white gown of snowflakes and diamonds and crystal; the most precious stones;
She carries a basket filled with cedar and sage, which purified our sacred space.
The goddess' gift upon her was knowledge and wisdom to share.
She is our record keeper from the beginning to end.
Blessed be North forever today, for she completes the circle of knowledge to all men.

From the depth of the oceans, West was approaching.
Still waters run deep; love came with her in that full moonlit night.
She laid down her spirit and soaked in the moon and the brightest of blessings appeared.
The gift from the goddess was her love and her tears.
A river of tears that will reach the ocean and never shall she roam alone.
For in her tears she found herself;
So going within is what she must do to find out the answer of all the unknown.
Her cup will always over flow with love.

Bells rang; candles flickered that beautiful night;
T he Brightest of Blessing come to us from above.
And in the final moments, the words, "This circle is open, but never broken; love reigns for ever more.
Blessed Be the goddesses and my sisters the East, South, West and North; for I walk beside them forever in truth and in love.


There is a Little Flower

In the corner of my garden there is a little violet;
She struggles every day to reach the sun;
My little violet is so beautiful and pure;
Her little petals tell stories of fairies and angels that visit her every night.

Bruised from the wind she stands this winter's day reaching out to the sun.
Little fairies hold her up when she is too weak to stand;
The moon beams kiss her and give her strength at night.
When she has almost given up hope, angels come down and sprinkle angel dust upon her fragile face;
Her beauty lies deep within her and she is just so bright

My little violet tries always ever so hard;
That is one of the reasons why she stole my heart;
She is a beautiful little flower that can be compared with none-other;
She holds more beauty in one petal than the most beautiful rose;
She is the most beautiful flower in my garden that I have ever seen.
The sun is thrilled to reach down and kiss her today;
So my little flower just never quits; that is why she stole my heart;
May she always be there in my garden for me to see.

Blue-Cast Photo/Lady Dancing on Beach

Deep Blue

Deep blue waters;
White castles where the men live;
Gentle sea breezes embracing the moment;
Dolphins happily playing out in the deep blue sea;
They celebrate life and sweet lover's dreams.

Glorious is the moment we sit together and speak;
Gazing, touching, feeling the love that we found;
Knowing that the moment may last forever with the feeling of deep love and peace.

I marvel at the deep blue ocean;
The deep blue is were the goddess bathes;
Where lover's tides merge and become one in spirit.

White castles where women and men meet;
Where they make love, raise family and dream;
The common kingdom of man's own making;
Pure love, joy, tears and sadness they receive.

Looking out to the deep blue, I make wishes that will come true;
My wish for this lifetime is for love and sweet dream;
For no more hunger and world peace;
To have the Goddess ever so near;
To always hold you near;
Let love reign in the white castles where all men live!



My Heart Will Go Celine Dion