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HUGE 3/4 Moon on Horizon

La Luna

Ready to give birth to dreams and wishes of lovers, the full moon shines upon them tonight.

Walking in the woods where the light of the moon intoxicates them with thoughts of love;
The scent of passion and pine was in the air.

The midnight breeze embraced their bodies;
Hands touched and held each other;
Heart pacing through the anticipation of sweet surrender to the night.

Crystal clear thoughts of love and passion rose to the surface like a premature sunrise;
Lingering kisses and promises of love of a lifetime and never parting bows.

In the majestic splendor of the moon they drew down her beauty and love;
The power of the moment in the joining of the souls;
The very fine line of the now and forever in love;
The soft touches that set hearts and bodies on fire;
Passionate kisses that touched the heart that left them breathless for each other.

So as they shared the same breath they drew down La Luna and experienced pure delight;
La Luna gave birth to their dreams and hopes tonite;
Their love for each other raptured to the highest levels from the spiritual and physical plains.

They knew that La Luna would always hold and shine upon their love.

Young Girl Swimming Gracefully Underwater


Drifting to you I come; my waters taking me to you once more;
Knowing that our souls belong together makes the journey so easy to take;
I come to you naked in mind, body and spiri;t you can see right through me;
You take my heart and hold it so close;
My soul dances with yours in the heavens.

We belong together. For many life times our waters are connected like never before;
The weaver of dreams comes to me to show me the path to you every night;
You hold the key to my hear, my beloved;
Unlock the door to the deepest part of me.

Free flowing, the waters reach your shores; they caress it and embrace it;
Blue skies above us, waters full of love and hope;
Your touch brings our spirits to a perfect union; blessed be the love that we share;
Fairies and angels bring visions of love to me;
Blessed be the waters that bring you to me once more.

Mosaic: Tree of Life Bordered by the Sun, Moon, Waters, Silver Chalice

Secret Links

Many life times ago we did love;
I recall gentle embraces and soft kisses that I carried in my heart;
What now seems like forever.

Many tears we did cry throughout the many life times;
We loved many while apart and touched many souls;
We have seen our seeds of love grow children, friends, parent and lovers.

I always carried this feeling inside of me; of a missing link in my life;
In every sunset in every sunrise there laid a feeling of a quiet, distant sadness.

Many lifetimes I have searched for you;
You left my side without a word.
Unspoken words that haunted me many life times; never did we say goodbye.
Words that can open the hardest of hearts, or bring down the moon;
Silence that pierced my heart and made my soul weep.

Many oceans did we cross;
Tides tell stories of two lovers that searched the waters and heavens for one another.

Heavenly bodies above me tonight; the moon and the stars;
With their loving beams they bring hope that the search for my beloved may be over;
Drawing down the moon to seek guidance;
Shimmer in the calm waters and in there I see the reflection of your face.

Secret links close in finding one another;
Blinded by the light and following our hearts we go;
Crossing mountains, rivers, oceans we go.
Almost ready to join the secret links and never to be separated again;
Blessed Be the Goddess for she made it possible for the search to be almost over.

Magnified Close-Up: Water/Tear-Drop


Tears fall like rain drops today;
Some happy and some sad.
Sunrise approaching and I found the greatest gift;
I found the greatest blessing;
I found your love;
Drifting to you I go once more.

You bring the heavens and magic to my life;
I stretch out my arms to embrace your sweet soul;
You give to me like no other;
Unspoken words open up the gates of heaven.

A wish;
A thought;
This love takes me to the heavens;
Loving the feeling of having you near.
My dreams have come true;
You color my world with a rainbow every day.
So my tears today are of happiness;
For Ever here and for Ever Near.



My Heart Will Go Celine Dion