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Red-Orange Sunset on Beach


I find myself staring into your eyes and I see many things;
I have never seen before, the calm waters and the loving child within you;
You are a dream come true.
The sweet scent of you intoxicates me;
Your tenderness melts me;
Your smile takes me to places I have never been before.

When I hear you, I feel every emotion under the sun and the moon;
Drifting to you is my path; I lose my heart and soul to reach you;
Spiraling the heavens I go finding you there;
My world is such a beautiful place today.

You bring the heavens to me at my feet when you are near;
All I can feel is the love and the peace of your smile and your kiss;
Bound to this love I remain; willingly I give to you my heart and soul.
Hold me, beloved, till the end of time and beyond.

By the river I will be watching the shimmer on the water at night;
If the trees could speak they would tell stories of two lovers;
Lovers that touched and danced with open hearts and souls that spiraled the heavens.
Dreaming of you tonight will bring me love peace and hope.

Eyes in Distress/Pain

Sleep Tonight

I went for a walk last night and found a soul I never met;
A sad young man wrapped up in his anger and pain.
There was a lost gaze in his eyes;
With the question in mind, "Where will I sleep tonight?"
Out in the cold of the night he found the demons that torture his mind.
"Will I sleep under a tree in the starless night or under the bridge feeling so lost tonight?", he wondered about his pain.

His eyes lifeless tonight; so much hurt and pain in his heart;
His lips were blue, his mouth was dry;
Cold dampness; his body shivering in that starless night.

The emptiness of the night drove him to places in his heart;
Empty houses in the street, but there is no where to sleep.
Missing his mother's heart beat and love;
She left and was nowhere to be found.
The warmth of the bed he slept in as a child and that loving smile to greet him morning and night;
He misses the simple things that mean a lot;
But there is just no turning back time.

His body fragile and he is shit-scared;
He thinks to himself, "Where is my angel and why did she leave me?"
If only he could feel the angel's wings surrounding him tonight.

The sunrise greets him one more time bringing warmth back to his lonely life;
Touched by the sun he walks and moves on;
Until tonight when the question will come back to haunt him;
"Where will I sleep tonight?"

Deep Red-Orange Sunset Over Ocean


My waters run deep;
You are a vessel in my waters.
I embrace you with my love;
I cradle you morning and night.

Remembering the long journey that has brought us here;
An ocean of tears we cried;
We felt the pain of the thunderstorm;
And felt the kiss of the moon.

Time waits for none, you said;
How true those words are to me.
Let's embrace the now and love and be merry I say;
Let us drink from the overflowing cup of love.

Like pearls in a string we bring many things to this love;
We bring hope for a better tomorrow;
Compassion for each other's faults.
Open hearts we speak the truth to one another;
Passion that burns deep within us, which will keep us satisfied for a lifetime;
You ignite all my senses and the dance of love is forever in my mind.

Gentle hearts embrace the light of the day and the light of the moon;
My waters will cradle you morning and night;
You are my heart's desire and you set my heart on fire;
Lovers, lost lovers found; now to be linked in the chain of love forever.

Starburst Sun Over Ocean, Splashing Shoreline Rocks

Silver Cord

Long distant thoughts of love and angels to be;
Time drifts between us slowly;
Sweet anticipation of the lovers embrace;
Always so loving, always so sweet.

The tides are warm and they caress your shores;
Angels close their eyes to the sweet lover's embrace;
Mischievously giggling they are blessing our sweet encounter.
The silver cord that keeps us together is stronger than ever;
The angels from above draw the line;
There is no limitation to this love now.

The sweet scent of love is in the air;
Words that penetrate our hearts are spoken;
Tingling sensations between the rapid heart beats;
Reaching out to touch your hand;
We find ourselves overwhelmed with the feeling of the power of our love.

Silver cord that unites us;
Angels that walk beside us;
Your love, your sweet embrace in a bed of flowers, we rejoice our sweet surrender;
Silver and gold;
Yin and Yang we are,
Forever in love.

Sunset Sky: Purples, Blues, Pinks, Yellows

Amethyst Skies

Under amethyst and pink skies I wait for the new dawn and your arrival to my side;
Distant stars I wished upon for your love.

Across the oceans you come; riding waves of love;
My beloved, I feel your heartbeat from my shores;
A sign of things to come.
Amethyst and pink skies bring life to up above; Getting ready for the sun to arrive;
Celestial lights merge with the heavens and earth;
It has been so long since you have come to my shores;
Follow your heart, my beloved, and you will find my love.

Ancient music from the oceans I hear;
With sounds of primitive love;
Core essence of feelings rise to the surface.

In a beacon of light in the sky;
What seems to be the a sun approaching is you and the father sun.

With anticipation and a single heartbeat we share;
I look out to sea, my beloved, for a sign of you.

In my heart I know I found what I have been searching for all my life;
Bliss in the moment our lips meet;
Glorious is the moment when we share the same breath and passion for one another.

By the shore we meet, we love and cry;
We cry diamond tears of love;
Forever you hold this heart of mine.
The spiral of love has no beginning and no end;
That is what I feel for you;
Under amethyst and pink skies we will love forever more.


My Heart Will Go Celine Dion