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Solar Eclipse


I find myself staring into your eyes and I see many things;
I have never seen before the calm waters and the loving child within you.
You are a dream come true;
The sweet scent of you intoxicates me;
Your tenderness melts me Your smile takes me to places I have never been before.

When I hear you, I feel every emotion under the sun and the moon;
Drifting to you is my path; I lose my heart and soul to reach you.
Spiraling the heavens I go finding you there;
My world is such a beautiful place today.

You bring the heavens to me at my feet when you are near;
All I can feel is the love and the peace; your smile and your kiss;
Bound to this love I remain.
Willingly I give to you my heart and soul.
Hold me beloved, till the end of time and beyond.

By the river I will be watching the shimmer on the water at night.
If the trees could speak they would tell stories of two lovers that touched and danced with open hearts, and souls that spiraled the heavens.
Dreaming of you tonight will bring me love peace and hope.

Footprints on the Beach

My Secret Ocean

Going to a place where the ocean kisses the skies;
Where the clouds reflect in the water that brings secret dreams to surface;
In a place where the waters changes color with the rhythm of time;
Waves of energies carry me home to a place far away.

Standing on the shore bearing my soul to the waters of life;
Hearing your call and your hands reaching out to touch me;
The sea is blue like a sapphire;
Today the lights sparkle and dance for me;
Reflections of love just for me; making my love for you so real;
I choose to follow this feeling.
I take it with me and walk the sands;
The waters caress my feet and take me to a time where love circles the earth in a magical way.

Miles of sand in front of me;
Every step I take brings you near to me.
Shells tell many stories of lovers that have walked upon this beach;
The ocean caresses the shores in a love making motion the way it has for many life times.
Thoughts of you flood my mind and heart.

You are my waters that run deep;
You are my fire that warms my soul;
You are wind that kisses my body and embraces me every day;
You are my earth that I walk upon that brings forth the life force to this love.
You and I are connected like the oceans are to the shores; like the trees to the earth.
For that and so many reason, my love for you is eternal;
It has no beginning and it has no end.

Deep Orange-Red Sunset

Angel Wings

From the distance I watch over you;
But when you call I arrive with angels wings.
You stumble I catch you;
You cry I hold you;
You dream I am with you.
You love and I am within that love;
I take you to dreamtime where dreams come true;
I let you be and I come when you call me.
I hear your cry and I run to you;
I hear your prayer and I touch your heart ;
When you think you are alone I am right beside you.
My mission is to love you;
To light your path;
To give to you the wonders of love and everlasting peace.
I have no name; I am but a thought;
I have no unique talents, but only love for you.
Heavenly bodies come and go but I will always walk beside you;
My wings will surround you always;
My light will light your path.
So when you need me, call me and I will be right there for you;
Brightest of Blessings be upon you.



My Heart Will Go Celine Dion