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At the strike of midnight, we meet in the West by the waters of love.
I drift to be with you once more.
Beyond touch, space and time I come to you;
In the most beautiful of the spiritual realms, our souls meet.

My skin burning for your touch and your nearness;
Stirred feelings are settled by the waters that bring passion to a soothing feeling.
My lips thrist for your kiss but knowing that they will meet brings comfort to my heart.

Entwined in the now and forver I am;
Water falls like tears from heaven;
Golden lights around us;
There is glory in the Now.

I close my eyes and I see your face;
Your eyes are lit up with passion and love.
I see the hands that touch in the most tender ways;
I feel my heart beat and I hear and feel yours.

In a moment of rapture I can touch your face;
I feel every line of your body carved in the stone by the gods and given breath by the Goddess herself.
Life is now much sweeter than ever before because there is a you and I.

Now I know that you truely hold my heart and soul;
In this blessed moment I give thanks to my Goddess for bringing you near to me;
For holding my soul and finding love beyond words, time and space.

Facing the Sea

Opal blue seas today;
Sun kissed beach;
Water embracing the shores;
Sea breeze embracing my body and soul.

Many generations of people are present enjoying the now;
Children running and worshipping the sands with sandcastles;
Lovers walk hand in hand.

My feet touch the sand; I am taking in the energies;
Every grain of sand holding mysteries of love, life and nature.
Closing my eyes and the sea breeze takes my soul to a far away place;
Where I long to be beside you.

I dig my feet in the sands; I try to ground myself;
But the spirit drifts to you once more.
Blue-grey eyes like the ocean I search for;
Sweet honey lips that are to die for;
I search for the man that has music in his soul;
He soothes my heart and soul.

Unable to stop the depth of feelings, I give into them once more.
Sounds of the ocean rock my heart to perpetual bliss;
Until our paths cross again our spirits will meet across oceans once more;
I will love you in the light and the dark of the day.

The Oceans Lullaby

I close my eyes and I hear her lullaby;
What normally is a deep blue today is pastel blue;
A celestial color that angels would grace and smile upon.

The sunset caressing the pale blue waters;
And in the most loving way She continues her lullaby;
She cradles the sands in a most loving way;
She embraces the shore like a mother; gently but firmly.
Gradually the sky turns pale yellow with blues;
Clouds drift ever so slowly.

There is so much peace present;
There is so much love in the now.
Young people play like dolphins out in the edge of the pale blue and white sands;
I can taste the salt on my skin and know the end of the day is near.

The lullaby is heard by all and taken in by some;
As the father sun is preparing for his final plea of passion,
The warm waters prepare themselves.

For a brief moment in time lovers meet;
In the passion of the moment love is the most powerful force present;
Water and Sun embrace and make love and it's the most loving action in the universe.

Lovers that meet ever so briefly;
Truly know the meaning of love.

The Dying Swan

In a pale blue sky the swan flies one last time;
With memories of pure love in her heart she flies ever so high;
Heart and soul lighter than ever before;
She soars the heavens today for the last time.
Glorious is the moment she touches the clouds.

As she flies for the last time in her life she thinks of many things;
How blessed she has been to have captured his heart;
How wonderful her life has been because he loved her so;
How he saw beyond her beauty and pain and loved her.
Her life has been blessed with his tender love;
On a dark cold day he brought her warmth and strength;
She remembers how their spirit soared the heavens;
United in soul and flight they were.

She remembers endless days they basked in the sun;
She remembers the moon beams on the waters at night;
Rejoice cries in the passion of the now.

"Can a swan cry?" I ask;
For I see the sorrow in her heart;
She is dying and behind all that is left is love;
She hears the distant call of the swan;
Angels lift her for the very last time;
Blessed Be her life and all that she loved;
Color my world with a rainbow for the last time;
With the last thought of him she departs this life;
Blessed Be the swan for now she will be forever free.

Summer Leaves

Rustling leaves creating a chorus of nature;
Natural Wind Chimes;
The wind carries the echoes of yesterday;
Of days long forgotten by many.

Of secret spells bound with love;
Of lovers touch and sweet embrace;
The rustling is telling secrets of fall almost here;
Waiting patiently the leaves await the ending above to grace the earth below.

Earth prepares for the blanket of leavess approaching in the future;
Now she sits still basking in the sun at times and shade on others;
It is a time of patience and contemplation;
Of solitude and earthy tones touched by the green grass.

Sprinklers share the abundance of water;
To cool down the earth and water the trees of life;
None of this earthly concerns or stops the symphony;
Leaves still hold their Magick.
There is a feeling of acceptance of what is to come;
There will be many stories about this summer passing;
And whispers of magick and peaceful times.



My Heart Will Go Celine Dion