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Waiting For the Unicorn

Young Girl/Gently Touching Unicorn

Upon a full moon night,
She sits and waits to catch a glimpse of the unicorn;
Pure white and as gentle as a dove;
Trees are lit with the milky-white light.

There is a shimmer upon the crystal white waters;
There the unicorn visits and drinks upon the water of life;
It was there that the unicorn captured her heart.

Flowers tremble with the dew but dance upon the ligth of the moon;
Fire flies sparkle love-messages upon the night;
Dressed in silken white gowns with golden threads She waits to see the unicorn once more;
Only the moon and the pure white unicorn know her thoughts;
And with love in her heart, by the light of the moon she waits for him once more.

When I Go

When i leave your side will you ever think of me?
Will I cross your mind at least once?
Will you remember our laughter, our joys, our tears and our talks?
A single flower will tell my story;
No tears, no sighs and all I want is a your smile.

Remember our walks?
Our loving thoughts?
The candle that flickered and ignited it all?
The sweetest of moments that cannot be disguised;
The sweet bitter tears that our hearts did cry.

Will you remember the flowing river that night?
How the moon beams shimmered the sweet summer night?
Will I be a thought in a million that will cross your mind?

Will you colour me blue with angel-sweet white?
Will there be distant calls of names in the dark?
Alas, it is time for me to depart.
I really don't want to but I've been told that I must.
Sweet memories I carry from this life to the next;
And ribbons of colours that will fly in the wind;
Colour me blue;
Colour me white.

Please always remember that I love you and my spirit will stay right by your side.

Wind Chimes

In rymthmic motions the symphony plays;
Nature in its splendor;
Sun kissed flowers, leaves and blades of grass;
Tender moments shared by all.

Wind caressing every thing in its path;
Gently, slowly I approach you;
Surrounding you with my love;
Feeling of total freedom;
Free flowing; no boundaries;
No obstacles to overcome.

I embrace you;
I treasure you;
Warmed by my trusting companion the sun, we create shadows of our own making;
Lifted by angels, caressed by the clouds;
I run; run free to you and wherever my heart wishes to take me.
As the seasons change, so does my warmth from the heat to the extreme cold;
I will always embrace you whether you like it or not;
A sign of arrogance or deep passion for your love;
Free, I wander the earth and I am touched by all.

Three Candles

Three candles burning bright;
Visions of the past, present and future come to me.
Sacred circles are formed that intertwine as one;
Sacred Visions did I see.

Oceans surrounded me last night;
Lavender dreams I did find;
Candles burning so bright last night;
Love burns deep within my heart.

The scent of lavender penetrates my soul and brings thoughts of love;
Deep oceans transform this moment and a heavenly adventure of the heart started.

Breathing slowly and deeply brings the Goddess deep within me;
Essence of pure love She is for me;
She brings light to the darkness and brings a brighter glow to all colours.

Candle of the past brings sadness and joy;
Found love;
Made love and lost love.
Sweet babies faces, cries and smiles and a motherly essense filled my heart;
Heart-felt blessings I did find;
Many lessons I did learn in my past;
Fell in love with the blue-eyed man;
What I thought was forever was just not meant to be;
Sadness came and then broken dreams;
Searching for my own truth, I set out to travel my own path.

The present candle burns bright;
The fire within still burns and seeks its own truths;
Dreams of love and happiness lie on the path today;
Water that flows freely to find distant shores Stars that glow in velvet-blue skies at night guide me;
With an open heart I walk.
Found many blessings in the now.

Excitement and anticipation is held by the future candle;
Unconditional is the path that I meant to travel;
Many forks on my path but many blessings within them;
In search for the one I love, I wander to the most daring adventure;
Angels always walking beside me;
Holding me up when I need the help.

Candles burn so bright;
As I breathe in deeply, I know we share the same breath;
The same heart be somewhere in this world.

Blessed Be the candles that burn so bright.



My Heart Will Go Celine Dion