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Lover of   D R A G O N S  ...
...and other things M A G I C K A L...

Poetry by Vanessa Candel; "Tigerchick"; sweet daughter of Mamabear.

Flying, Fire-Breathing Dragon

Hi, my name is Tigerchick and as you may see I like writing poetry.
I have been writing poetry since I was 12 and am still writing.
I love all things beautiful and I especially love things from the fantasy realm and cats.
My favourite cat is the tiger and my pet cat, James Bond.
I live in a country town in Australia so most of my poems are inspired by nature.
Well, I hope you enjoy them and they show you a new aspect. Well, bye!

Loving Couple Mounted on Flying Unicorn

I Wish I Could Fly

I wish i could fly through the open sky;
I would float through the clouds and endless sky;
I would sail across the wind and drift with swarms of butterflys.

I would fly to Egypt and over the sphinx;
I would fly to Tibet and touch its peaks;
I would fly over buildings;
I would fly over feilds;
Then into my sleep I would drift and dream about flying some more.

I would follow the eagle through the red centre;
I would follow owls through the night;
I would fly to my roof and feel the breeze on my face;
How I wish I could fly.

Golden Mountain/Hills

The Hills

Galahs flying above me in pinks and grays;
A flock of them wondering and flying across the golden hill;
With soft touches of green from trees in the distance.

There is silence around me;
Only miles of hills and celestial skies;
Clouds drifting by like a weary traveler through time.

On the right side of me I see the Golden Way;
Its not of a spiritual realm;
But rather of man's illusion of control of the hills.

Where there was once natural beauty;
Now lays the dreariness of tar and concrete;
Where animals roamed and lived in harmony;
Now cold mechanical beast without feelings;
Driven by men.

How can we bring balance to this raging contrast?
Must there be a truce between natural beauty and progress?
When do we start thinking with our hearts rather than with the dollar?
Let's make peace with nature and let the hills be free again.

Massive Trees in Rainforest

Leafy Harmony

The rainforest is settled and warm with choking heat and humidity.
Emerald snakes glide through the branches and leaves.

A sleak hunter suns herself on the topmost canopy and all is still;
Not a rustle or even a care; the day is in harmony.

Sleep is abundant and swimming dreams drift through sweet silence;
Thwarted only by the beating of butterfly wings and the soft hum of worker bees.

Blazing tiger lillys nod at the breeze as if to say, "All is well".

And it was....

Bee Atop Violet Flowers


The apple tree is in blossom;
Bees dance on the daisy's face;
The hues of purple and green, of lavender, mark the fruitful majesty of spring.

Magpies are courting and sparrows muster scraps for a nest;
Away with the dead and in with the fresh new saplings.

Warm does the wind blow;
Frequent is the rain as it feeds the flowers in their beds.

Butterflys tickle scarlet bottlebrush and wattle blossom;
As the wind sips at their perfume.

Sweet is this day...

Surreal: Head Profile/Superimposed w/High-Tech, Digital Data

Tearless Cry

My peers cling to my sides, cry on my shoulders;
I rock them and wipe their tears with false hopes of better lives.
They say I am strong and without fear;
My eyes strain to flood tears and my heart bleeds.

Some say I am cold and without pity;
My soul crys with sympathy and shame.
My eyes stay dry.

I wish I could wash my cheeks in salty tears;
Feel them drip off my chin;
And be the one filled with false hopes.
But I am the strong one; fearless and cold;
My soul longs for tears;
My eyes are dry.

Polar Bear

Polar Bear

My home is the empty freezing barren plains;
Where ice and snow is grass.

My fur is pure and my nose is black.
I hunt with the snow;
My powerful claws chisel the ice so I may hunt the fish and seals that peep between the kelp like frightned daisys.

My large body and deep ivory fur squeeze inside the seal holes;
I lope towards my cubs with a clumsy stride;
An arctic fox lingers too near and edges with awe;
I rear up and lash my claws.

Petrified, it runs;
My cubs are safe;
My fur is pure;
My home is empty and frozen

Black, Flying Pegasus

Black Pegasus

I watch the black storm clouds gather in the east and am reminded of a friend;
Her hide is moonless black and it is as sleek as the black panther that haunts the forest;
She is as wild as tangled rose hip and her mane trails past her head and neck like black ribbons through the wind.

Her hooves draw sparks from the rocky cliffs;
But is as silent and delicate as the honey dew through open meadow.

Her wings are that of a ravens, but are as soft as an angel's feather;
Her emerald green eyes see through the mind and into the depths of your soul.

I love my friend with all my heart, though I never see her;
She watches me with the storm clouds and sees me on the moonless night;
Maybe you will see her too...



My Heart Will Go Celine Dion