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C h e r i s h e d G i f t s

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

You stirred the ashes and fanned
the dying embers of a past life.
You nurtured and caressed with patience
and love beyond all else.
You gave of yourself to allow the "Phoenix"
an opportunity to rise in re-birth.
You held my hand again
as the embers faded once more,
and cradled me as I rose again
from the embers and flames ,
gasping and screaming for your touch;
your nearness.
I clutch your spirit to the very
"heart" of my being,
never to be turned loose.
I love you beyond all comprehension...
and beyond multiple lives.
You are my love;
you are my lives;
there is nothing beyond you.
I love you with all my heart
and with all my spirit; my dearest, loving

~ *~ Av a r r a L i r ~ *~

Honey; Golden Honey! Words that flow like oceans,
connecting continents and connecting
Your poetry is a constant reminder that we share
so much of our spirit and our
hearts .
Thank you, Sweet Lady! I love you,

Mamabear !!

Pictures at "Midnight", stirring my heart and leaving
me breathless; warmth and your sweet spirit.
Sweet Blessings, my dearest

Goldie Jubilee !!

You gifted me a bridge from another
place and time until now.
I love you,

Elsbet !!

A most treasured gift; the very embodiment of your
loving spirit; the part of you that shines beyond forever;
love eternal in our offspring.
Brightest Blessings, Sweet

Willowtoy !!

An Angel's voice; from the mists to my heart.
Love and Light, Sweet

Lady Wind !!

My first, treasured gift...Clouds.
Thank you,

Lady Tiamat !!

Trees (and a "nose kiss" !)
Unconditional support at a time of need.
Thank you,

Sweet Autumn Wind !!

A sweet and lasting friendship; the moon.
Gentle art from an Angel, my "spirit-mate".
Sweet Blessings,

Silvara of Twilight !!

Gentle, comforting touch of reassurance.
Spirtual support, guidance and love.
Sweet Blessings,

Ramona2 !!

Love, manly Celtic hugs and a protective veil for my family
Love and Light,

Lor Windraiser !!

Powerful visuals.
Thank you,

laoch !!

Unconditional, touching of Spirits.
Sweet Blessings,

Med148 !!

Spiritual support for Missy.
Love and Light,

Samantha Star Fire !!

Accepting my gift and unconditional support
in a time of need.
Sweet Blessings,

Caerlyn !!

Tools for powerful visual enhancement.
Love and Light,

Caith L !!

Unconditional love and a path of continuous support.
Love and Light,

Leyandra !!

A poem of love, a connection transcending "time".
Bright Blessings, Love and "Like" *G*,

Helene of The Wolves !!

Original art (the glowing sphere above).
Blessed Be,

Priestess Maggi !!

Connected spirits.
Sweet Blessings,

Whisper Blue !!

Past Life brought nearer;
Love from the Mountain and a Vision forward.
Love and Light,

scotcat !!

Friendship, earth-values and brotherhood.
Blessings upon you,

tsighini !!

Spirit Light and Love;
A gift of sharing that helps to focus me on my own Path;
Affirmation that Peace and Love can transcend all adversity.
Warm Love & Sweet Blessings,

Sneeky Libra !!

Sharks, Tackles & Tickles.
A Sweet Song of Poetry that touches the Inner Spirit.
Love and Light,

Anomally !!

The gift of "Love";
A candid and honest friendship
...and (of course!), BUBBLES!
Sweet Blessings & Love,

Jewels of Paradise !!

A "touch" of comfort, your heart, and your love.
Massive Hugs and Sweet Blessings dearest..

Stardancer !!


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