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Dedicated to the MEMORY of

Steven Joseph


The Handfasting of Scotcat and Tsighini

(OCTOBER 3, 1998)

Handfasting Ritual: Scotcat and Tsighini Lighting Candles


There was a phone call and a Seed was planted. It has now grown into a beautiful tree called LOVE.

I, (Jason, Laura) Take thee (Laura, Jason) to join in Spiritual, Physical, Elemental Planes until we reach the Ultimate Plane. To Respect, Cherish as Oneself and Love Unconditionally forever more. This I promise to thee.

October 1st

We will be picking up whoever needs to be picked up at the airport and bringing them to their hotels/motels. If we pick you up early, plan on having dinner at my home and relaxing for the evening...kinda a get to know you thingy....giggles.

October 2nd

We will have a rehearsal and a prayer circle...aka Cherokee style. We will all have dinner here at my home. On this eve, God of Thunder, Gypsypeace and Summerglass will be initiated. We will also have a smudging/cleansing rite done before you leave for the night.

October 3rd

All parties need to arrive by 9 AM.
A Wiccan blessing will be done on tsighini and myself. This blessing will be a private ritual done skyclad, with ONLY the HPS, the HP, tsighini and myself attending.
Afterwards, we will meet all of you in the living room and tsighini will take his attendants for the "ani yun wiya" blessing. Once this is done, the actual handfasting rite will be done at permitting we will have the rite done across the street from our home in Hubbard the tower. If the weather sucks..then it will be done in my living room. After the rite is completed, we are all invited to the Dawnland Center Pow Wow at the Barre Civic Center...aka Barre Auditorium. Please help to give rides where necessary...k? If you have a is there that an Honor Dance for will be held in our honor, and all Handfasting members are invited into the Sacred Circle with us to dance...and see Tsighini DANCE.....!!!!! wooooohaaaaaa...If you have never attended a Pow Wow I promise this will be a memory not soon forgotten!!!!!!
Tsighini will discuss Pow Wow ettiquet ....THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT as we do not want to disturb the goings on there.....and no one wants to feel like they don't know what they are doing, right????? giggles. After Pow Wow we will return to my home for dinner and drinks... THE GUYS ARE COOKING LADIES so bring some money for fast food to be delieverd...LOL....just kidding guys! ALL NIGHTS WILL BE B.Y.O.B.

The Native American Blessing will be done at a later date on Sacred Ground.

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Touching my golden horn will bring joy to my heart and a smile to my face...!! *EG*
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