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Handfasting Ritual: Burning Cauldron Handfasting Ritual: Burning Cauldron

Lacey, High Priestess
Kherne, High Priest

SneekyLibra, Scotcat's atttendant (daughter)
Element 79, Tsighini's Attendant (Scotcat's son)
Element of Earth...NORTH...Werecoyote
Element of Air...EAST...Alaric77 (pagan friend in VT)
Element of Water...WEST...Samhain Lady
Element of Fire...SOUTH...God of Thunder
Musical Director...Bad Karma, aka Son of Somnus

Attendants for Tsighini's Rite of Passage previous to handfasting(Cherokee)....
(Male Attendants)
Alan Dragonwolf, Herb Bearer
God of Thunder, Accessories of Honor
Kherne, Pipe Carrier
Werecoyote, Staff Bearer
(Female Attendants)
Samhain Lady, Medicine Bundle Bearer
Lacey, Lady of the Stones
Summerglass, Smudge Bearer
Gypsypeace, Medicine Choker Bearer
Element 79, Point of Honor Attendant
Alaric77, Point of Honor Attendant/Flag Bearer

Ritual Headpieces

Handfasting Ritual: Matching, Ritual Headpieces

Headpieces Lovingly Created and Photographed by:
Eric Speas: AKA Bad Frog


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