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Handfasting Ritual Hearts: And Two Become OneHandfasting Ritual Hearts: And Two Become One

Blessings, Thoughts, and Love Shared

I stand in a place sacred, time honored, filled with the holy voices of my ancestors.
In my hand an eagle's feather, on my lips a prayer of happiness, of blessing, of joy.
I face the East most sacred of sacred directions. The sun rises sending out rays of light like feathers on a sacred mask. I ask for a blessing on this most happy occassion. My sage smoke wafts to the heavens carrying my prayers and hopes for scotcat and tsighini.
I face the south, and offer my thanksgiving for the wonderful friendship of scotcat and tsinighi may joy and happiness fill their spirits, may they be blessed with plenty.
I face the west, and offer corn pollen to my most precious friends, the west is where Grandfather sun goes to rest. May your lives be filled with good health and may you attain a higher realm of wisdom.
Finally I face the north, direction of spirits, direction of closure. May you spend your lives in serenity and peace. May beauty be before you, may beauty be behind you, may beauty be above you, may beauty be beneath you, may beauty be all around you, walk in beauty.
To my most precious friends I wish you well on your journey, may we always dance the friendship dance, may we always be friends.

Joseph Benally aka Totah Diné

Dearest Laura and kilted one...
Oh kilted one.... *are you wearing anyhing unde there?* You have won the heart of a very special lady. I have much faith that you will treat her well... and that her happiness will always be first on your list.
Laura... We had many a good time together. You have been there for me through a lot. My wish is I was there for this special moment in your life. I know he will provide you the best and you the same to him.
Here is a special Blessing to you both on this your fasting night.
On this day the clouds cleared away. On this day the birds sing extra sweet. On this day relatives meet and get along. There are ribbons in the tree, food on the table, the occasion clear. Two people to be joined and forever be in this very spot right over here. Do you take?... well of course he does; and do you?... what a silly question... does anyone here..?.. well they had better not. You may now kiss, isn't she a dear... well that was tough. So quick so tender.
Now comes the hard part; keeping that same level of happiness forever....
So may the two of you enjoy your life together. Many blessings from this simple bard. May the God and Goddess smile down on you and yours for the rest of eternity


Greetings Laura..**HUGS** I am sorry but it looks like I will not be able tomake it for the handfasting. We are terribly short handed and I am working hours from Hades as of late..*sigh* I was so looking forward to meeting you and Jason..and seeing the handfasting.. I do want to wish you and Tsighini all the wonderful experiences the Goddess has to offer.. I feel she has blessed you both to walk with her as soulmates, companions, friends and lovers. Fate has been good to you both and I wish you all her blessings for many years to come. I must run for now but I will talk to you soon **HUGE HUGS** Take careand blessings of the Lady be with you.. Luv ya,


I've put my pen to paper a dozen times, hoping that "deep" words would find their way out. I wana "Wax Poetic" in phrases that have everyones head nodding: "OH my yes!! That is just what I was thinking." Alas...somewhere between "soul" & "pen" those thoughts on love & life...get lost. Soooo......I'll say just this....
Keep & all, in the circle of love that brings you to join Jason and Laura in their purest moment together. Add your voices to theirs & rejoice the connection of two such unique souls... .....please raise a glass for those of us not able to be there.....*S*

Bright Blessings....Dee (Elsbet)

LET LOVE AND LIGHT INCREASE!! In my Humble opinion, Anyone with a problem regarding the differences of traditions can be politely asked to keep their problem to themselves or not show up.... Jason and Laura deserve this happiness, they deserve our loving support and our joy in their union. Give it to them. *S* With open hearts and souls joined in the light of a spiritual union between two deserving individuals...Let the Gods worry about the Dissenters. MY LOVE TO YOU BOTH.


Great Father, Lord of the Sun and Sky
Great Mother, Lady of the Moon and Earth
Bless this couple and sanctify the bonds
That united them to one another
In perfect love and perfect trust
So mote it be.


May the Lord and the Lady bless Laura and Jason their blessed union.
May health, happiness, peace and joy be just a few of the gifts that you bestow on them today. And, as you shine your light of love upon them, may their love for each other grow ever deeper in spirit and everstronger.
So mote it be.

Ceryaelt Greywolff and Bastea (David Shelton and Michelle Golliher)

From time beginning, the circle has symbolized the ageless process of continuance; of rebirth, life, death and beginnings again. Here inside the circle of this wondrous process are two who come before the Creator and before all to proclaim their love for one another.
Just as a circle has no beginning or no end, so is love. Love is the reason we are all here on this plane; to live, to learn, to laugh and cry, to teach and heal, to respect and give thanks; all these things are love. And when two come together and find all these things together, it is cause for joy and celebration.
The Universe will be filled with joy this day as two become one, and like the circle, merge together, separate, yet part of the whole.
May all who witness this event find peace and understanding with them, as they share their love and joy with you. May the Creator place blessing on this joining forever, and always.


sacred, be the heart
that knows the In-Between
binds Spirit to Matter,
Mother to Father,
All to All,
me to you
sacred, be the heart
that sees Beyond
the scope of flesh,
through Distance,
through Time,
three thousand miles
your heart to mine
sacred, be the love
that lives Above,
all things
sacred, be the love
that passes in between
the ties that bind;
now and forever,
in you, there lies
the Immanent Divine
Thou art Goddess,
whose womb stands wide
gives life to all,
the shore of new beginning;
Thou art God,
whose seed makes fertile
barren lands,
who reaps the harvest
of the heart
with native hand
sacred, be the heart
sacred, be the love
sacred, be the heart
sacred, be the love
that knows the In-Between


Astrological Destiny
Diamond stars,
fires of the night.
A light in the distance;
a guide bringing people together.
Silver spears of light;
sailing across the dark land,
piercing the hearts connecting two as one.
Time can never break the bond of spirit to heart;
heart to spirit.
Distances may grow,
but the spirit song always knows:
the harmony that can only be sung by the other. Two pieces become one.
Two people meet as one;
heart in heart,hand in hand.
A portrait painted by the stars;
observed by the day.
The endless melody filling the winds;
the silver moon dust making new paths.
Enchantment from the night;
leading lost lovers together.




Scotcat & Tsighini
First and foremost, SPIRIT... those whispers that ride the wind sending my blessing. When the wind brushes your cheek that day, know it is my heart smiling, kissing you each gently with warmth and joy.
The HEART that beats with the rhythm of life... to know that each stroke to the drum in itself, is not complete without a counter stroke. And so it is with you two. Two beats on the drum of life, to celebrate the flow and course of all things that are good. My heart sends that flow as blush on your cheeks, with gratitude and peace.
Surely last but not least, the MIND.. with tender thoughts, weaving strong bonds of friendship and loyalty. And the procreation of each thought bringing to birth the revelation of our existance. Single threads woven together, walking beside one another in harmony. Where a leaf falls, know it is the impression on the ground which is my footprint, walking together with you on your joyous day...
This day my Spirit, Mind and Heart celebrates you!


What was once one, split and became two. These spirits were seperated for a time to face different trials and challenges. Even though these two spirits were far from each other, one force protected, guided and taught the spirits while on their separate paths, leading them slowly to each other until the time to reunite had come once again.
A man and a woman both with great knowledge and wisdom. A great love for each other that radiates and touches everyone and everything they meet. A power and gift one earns and should cherish forever and not neglect.
The two paths have entwined once again to one, where the souls share with each other who they are. Forming such a bond that will always hold this man and this woman together from time pasts to times forward.
May the Great Spirits and Goddess continue to guide you two on this plane as well as the next.


So I know these two people, and they have always been so easy to talk to, and are very helpful and loving. Well, these two people are in love, and when they are together..they share love, you can feel it reach out at you.
You can hear it, smell it, and sometimes taste the power of their love.
Well, one of them, I've talked to for a very long time. She has helped me with things more than she could ever know. She has giving me strength when I couldn't find it in me. She has talked to me about everything from a to z. She has never judged me or said that I am stupid. She has never condemned me either. She is someone that I look up to for direction. Someone I strive to be like. Her heart is so loving, I can't put it into words.
This is what all she means to me.
The other one, he's a little lighthearted, likes to laugh, and enjoys life. He talks to me and shows me guidence with a stern grip and expects no less than the best from me. He shows me that as long as I try to accomplish something, I can achieve it as well. He understands the way I feel and tells me it's okay. He knows I have feelings and emotions. He is a brother to me. He is the brother I never have had..the one I would always want. This is what he means to me.
There are people you meet in your lifetime that make such a mark on can never be forgotten. These two people made their careing marks on me, and they still do. They care about everything. They know what real love is. These two people that I know, even with some me, are perfect.
When I talk to them, I know theirs is a love that nobody can touch, that nobody can take away. Something that will be for all time. That is why I know, things are as they should be. In perfect love and in perfect trust.
Laura and Jason, may each of your days together become better than the previous. You both mean more to me than you will ever know. I hope that you will know, in spirit, I am there with you, and I care for you both deeply. I wish you all the happiness in this world, and the next.

Love & Peace, Pam (5Reign)

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