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APPROX 9:30 - 10:00 AM the morning of the fasting we will gather in the front of my home RAIN OR SHINE (so be prepared).
I will lead you all to a place already selected by me. At the tree we will form a small circle with me in the center...the Ladies will take the 4 Directions (north, south, east , and west)..the men will take the honor guard positions (nw, ne, sw, se).
The Flag bearer will position himself to my right...and ELEMENT 79 will take my left.....SUMMERGLASS...the Smudge dish will then be passed to ELEMENT 79 as will ALL ITEMS...they must be passed to him before they reach me.
I will smudge the circle, the attendants, the flag and all items .....LACY...Then the stones will be passed to me and these will be placed on the altar, SAMHAIN... then the Medicine bundle will be passed to me and be placed on the altar...GYPSYPEACE...then the choker and my medicine bag will be passed to me...which will be placed around my neck.....AS EACH ITEM IS PASSED A SMALL BLESSING MUST BE SPOKEN BY EACH OFFERING ATTENDANT TO MYSELF...words of wisdom on my passing from a single person to the place of honor as a husband..*S*.
The ladies will then tie their Tobacco ties to the tree (tobacco ties will be made and supplied by me).
The men then present in this order....ALAN will present my Herb Pouch to be placed on the altar...and add his words of blessing...Then GOD OF THUNDER will Offer my Accessories/Regalia to be placed on the altar with his words of wisdom...Then WERECOYOTE will offer My staff to be placed in the hands of my POINT OF HONOR ATTENDANT (ELEMENT 79) Then my Brother KHERNE will offer the pipe in the manner prescribed by the ways of my ancestors and then offer it to me...THIS IS THE ONLY ITEM THAT IS DIRECTLY PASSED TO ME, ....I then say the prayer to my ancestors and the
The Pipe is passed around the circle for all to take part in the prayer....IF YOU DO NOT SMOKE..YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SMOKE THE PIPE...BUT YOU ARE REQUIRED TO HOLD IT AND TAKE PART IN THE PRAYER.
Then the pipe will be offered to the directions and those above and below....THE MEN will then tie their tobacco ties to the trees.
I will sing a sacred song from my family (older than this country). THEN the circle will be released to the 4 winds...all will take a pinch of tobacco from my pouch and offer it to the MOTHER EARTH....then we will proceed back to my home for the rest of the days events.


LACY CHOATE - STONES my sacred stone pouch NORTH
SAMHAIN LADY - MEDICINE BUNDLE my bundle for the wedding (includes tobacco ties) EAST
GYPSYPEACE - CHOKER and MEDICINE BAG my family choker and my personal med bag SOUTH
SUMMERGLASS - SMUDGE my abalone shell smudge dish and the Sage and Sweetgrass WEST
ALAN DRAGONWOLF - HERBS my herb pouch and tobacco pouch NW
GOD OF THUNDER - ACESSORIES/REGALIA my kilt accesories and my POW WOW regalia (my dance bells,breach cloth,belt,head feathers etc) NE
WERECOYOTE - STAFF my staff with the final addition SE
KHERNE - PIPE my sacred pipe and pipe bag SW
ELEMENT 79 - Honor Attendant all items except pipe are passed to him and then he passes them to me MY LEFT
ALARIC77 - Honor Attendant/ FLAG BEARER..carries my POW/MIA flag in honor of all brothers and sisters who have given their lives in honor of this country...


To the Ani Yun Wiya (cherokee), Family is very, very important. The Loss Of a Family Member is a cause for prayer and mourning, but also in rejoicing that they are with the ancestors. My Father was an Honorable Man...and an Honorable Marine....and He NEVER came back from Viet-Nam.

DAD, with tears in my eyes I offer this to should be here on this special day and take me down the path to the rite of passage..but alas, you are with the ancestors.
Daddy, I strive to walk the way of my peoples, to walk the good red road and I know that you watch over me.
Dad, I wish that you could be here to walk me on into the Life of a man and husband, but you are on your own walk... wherever your steps take you..I am with you are with me..Father, Thank you for the gift of life.
As Of this Day, My father and thousands of others are still legally listed MIA/POW/KIA ... we pray for these brothers and sisters..and for all who made the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE for this country....some who did this are still having their human rights taken away.....May you all find the warriors with them..With tears in my eyes..I call to the Six Powers ...send them your strength...and carry them home....Gonodagohvi

THIS is a great honor for me...and for you all to help me with this makes me humble...Brothers and Sisters my greatest respects and love to you all.


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