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To Complete the Circle...
Handfasting Ritual: Silver ChaliceHandfasting Ritual: Silver Chalice Our Gifts to YOU...

From scotcat and tsighini...

To Kresh and Avarra Lir


With tears in our eyes we thank you for this gift....may it all help us to become trees together....we will care for it, treasure it, respect it, HONOR it and it's connection with the mother as we honor all connections with the mother and you, Cleanse it...(will use the smudge stick you gave me *S*).....should ever you want it is your or your children's for the asking...because nothing like this belongs to one single person..the land, nor the beings on, in, or above it can NEVER be owned....But only borrowed for a short time.
I stand before you a humble man...and I thank you in a humble way.
Laura says: Our circle is complete with you, Tsighini, Avarra Lir, and Myself holding the Four Corners in PERFECT BALANCE, MALE AND FEMALE, Sharing one item that represents all elements and life, death, and rebirth; what a joy it is to be forever in circle with you. Our bond is complete; our destination no longer hides in the mist, but is now with light, love, and eternal connectedness AS ABOVE SO BELOW....Blessed Be.
I will take this beautiful gift now into the sunlight ....cleanse it...sing my sacred song ...... and raise my humble voice in prayer for us all.
May we understand how to be trees together..may we find the light to lead us on our journies..may we find that when all is said and done, we have lived well and fully...and that those above welcome us with open arms.
...Hehetchetu Alo.....
May our Eyes and Hearts Rejoice at Seeing each other once again.

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